New Fountain Type: Foral and Satura

Last month, FontShop released a couple of new typefaces from the masterful designers at Fountain. Let’s take a look:

Foral by Rui Abreu

Download the PDF (4.3 MB).

Foral was designed and developed over a four year period, starting in 2006 with a rigid and sober foundation. It evolved into a more organic and fluid typeface, maintaining its geometric skeleton but with a softer, more approachable exterior. Check out the very cool and unique Foral trailer:

Foral comes in eight weights, each with italics and a number of OpenType features. Abreu‘s sans serif Forma is based on the same geometric skeleton and will pair well with Foral in a pinch.

Satura by Peter Bruhn and Göran Söderström

Download the PDF (6.2 MB).

Satura was conceived and grown under unique circumstances. As Fountain tells it:

A creative collaboration between Göran Söderström (Stockholm) and Peter Bruhn (Malmö), Satura began with Göran’s concept for a reversed contrast typeface — one in which the horizontal strokes are heavy, rather than the more traditional vertical stress. Sparked by these ideas, Peter responded with his own thoughts. For months, the design bounced back and forth over the Nordic intertubes until the summer of 2010 when the friends met in Malmö to complete the project in person. Type design is most often a solitary undertaking, so perhaps it is this dialogue between the two Swedes that makes Satura so unique.

Derived from a Latin word meaning “mixed dish”, the Satura Suite is four related, but distinct, families: Satura, the mother, a display face with reversed contrast; Satura Parts, a stencil version; Satura Core, the contrast removed, revealing the design’s basic structure; and Satura Text, a more conventional and readable interpretation, suitable for smaller and longer text. Each family includes multiple weights. Satura Text adds italics. But expect the style range to grow in the future — Satura is a living project.

You can find more specimens of the various weights and styles of Satura on its gallery page.

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