Try Out and “Like” FontShop’s Facebook Integration

Do you adore Tiina Professional? Want to tell the world about Calypso I Heavy? Now you can just click the Like button at the top of each product page and a link to your devotion will appear on your Facebook wall. While you’re clicking away, don’t forget to like FontShop on Facebook as well.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to simplify the process of logging in or registering for your FontShop account, we’ve got you covered. Want to avoid the forms and get straight to the fonts? The new “Login with Facebook” option on will connect you with just one click.

For returning customers, this option will allow you to merge your existing FontShop account with your Facebook, if your emails used for both are the same. You’ll still experience a secure log in to access all your account information, but without the need to remember multiple passwords. Additionally, new customers can now register for the site simply using the Facebook button.

Once you’re logged in, you can “like” individual fonts and share them with your Facebook friends.

Not a fan of Facebook? That’s okay. You can still continue to log in and register using the traditional form.

We’d love to hear what you think about these site changes. Please leave your comments for us below.

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