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Introducing FontCase 1.5: Auto-Activation, improved performance, and more

FontShop and Bohemian Coding are happy to announce FontCase 1.5, a free update to the award-winning font management app for Mac OS X.5+. FontCase users can download the update from their FontCase app menu. Haven’t yet tried FontCase? Download the 15-day free trial now!

FontCase 1.5 introduces a number of exciting features and enhancements, including:


If you open a document which specifies fonts that are not active, FontCase will jump into action and auto-activate those fonts. You can see which of your fonts have been auto-activated in a new sidebar filter. When you close FontCase, any fonts that had been auto-activated will be deactivated.

FontCase Auto-Activation works in most apps, including Adobe Creative Suite. (InDesign requires an additional step: simply hit option-I in FontCase to activate the fonts specified in your topmost InDesign document.)

Duplicate Font Handling

FontCase now detects all of your duplicate fonts and conveniently groups them in a new sidebar filter. You can see which styles are duplicated, along with the location of the duplicate files, and you can easily select and deactivate them. FontCase will warn you

Improved Performance and Efficiency

FontCase 1.5 shows a marked improvement in launch time and overall responsiveness over previous versions. Preview caching is also now performed more efficiently, saving disk space.

Automatically Import Missing Fonts

When FontCase launches, it will check if new fonts have been installed using other font managers. If so, it will import them into your FontCase library.

Check out the FontCase page for more features and to download your free trial!