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About Web FontFonts

More than 30 of the most successful FontFont families are now available as Web FontFonts.This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this new web-optimized format on

Why Use Web Fonts?

Most fonts are designed to be used in desktop applications for design that will be printed or output as an image file or PDF. Web fonts are an entirely new category of fonts optimized for use on web pages using the @font-face rule. This fairly new addition to CSS allows fonts to be linked in web pages and downloaded by browsers so that anyone who visits the page can view the fonts declared by the page’s designer. This means your website can display indexable, editable, resizable, dynamic HTML text in a font other than the handful of “web safe” options we’ve had to rely on for years. Read more about the benefits of web fonts in our newsletter.

How Are Web Fonts Different from Desktop Fonts?

Mileage may vary … but not much. These examples of FF Meta Web as rendered by Internet Explorer on Windows, Firefox on Windows, and Firefox on Mac OS X show how the same font can look slightly different in each environment. Despite these unavoidable inconsistencies, Web FontFonts are designed to look their best on all modern systems.

Web Fonts are indicated by the “Web” icon throughout They are designed to work exclusively on web pages and cannot be installed on a desktop OS for use in applications like Word, Photoshop, or QuarkXpress. Most web fonts are also optimized to download and display quickly because they include only the glyphs recognized by web browsers. That said, many Web FontFonts come in Pro versions with support for Eastern European, Greek, and/or Cyrillic character sets. Web FontFonts are also optimized for screen display and look especially crisp and clean on Mac OS X and Windows versions with ClearType enabled.

How Are Web FontFonts Sold?

All Web FontFonts are available as full families, Basic Sets (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic), and individual styles. While standard desktop fonts are licensed by the number of users or workstations using the fonts, Web FontFonts are licensed by the average pageviews per month of all the domains within the licensing organization. There are three simple license levels: up to 500,000; up to 5 million; and up to 50 million pageviews per month.

Contact us for enterprise licensing beyond this amount.

What Do I Get in My Web FontFont Download?

Web FontFonts come in two DRM-free formats: EOT Lite, supported by Internet Explorer 5-8, and WOFF, supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9. We expect WOFF to be supported by Safari and other browsers soon, but currently IE, Firefox, and Chrome cover over 90% of all web visitors. Both formats are delivered with every Web FontFont purchase and can be used without relying on any third-party service. The Web FontFont downloads also come with a User Guide [229K PDF] full of helpful information for web developers, system administrators, and website visitors. HTML test pages for each of the downloaded fonts are also included.

How Do I Use Web FontFonts?

Because Web FontFonts work using basic CSS, using them is pretty straightforward. If you are even vaguely familiar with CSS you can make Web FontFonts work on your website. The simple instructions in the Web FontFont User Guide [229K PDF] make it easy. Also be sure to read the End User License Agreement for Web FontFonts.

Optionally, you can skip self-hosting and coding altogether and host the Web FontFonts you purchased with a free Typekit account.

We’ll continue to post more information and tips about Web FontFonts in the coming weeks. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, the fonts are ready to roll! Go have a look.

Buy Web FontFonts at, Host Them on Typekit

Web FontFonts are compatible with Typekit. Our partnership gives users an additional way to serve Web FontsFonts to their sites. The Typekit service delivers Web FontFonts from a global network of servers to every browser that supports @font-face, extending compatibility to all browsers.

How does it work?

Web FontFonts licensed on can be sent to a free Typekit account. After purchasing your fonts you’ll find a link on your checkout confirmation page. Simply click it to send your license and fonts to Typekit, then follow their instructions to add a single line of code to your site and your fonts will be served immediately. The Typekit option works under their Free Trial account and hosting your fonts this way is purely optional. Certain limitations apply to the Free Trial account, see Typekit Plans for details.